Good Morning

It’s another Friday, here in Virginia.
I  am working on a few projects because I get bored working one through to completion.  Right now I have my Mystery CAL purse to finish, the ripple star throw which is lapghan size, a market bag, another purse needs handles, and a pair of socks.  I’m in a sock CAL as well.

I’m working toward getting enough market bags and purses done to open a shop on so I crochet full time.  Once I have this product line up and running I would like to make some simple garments for plus size gals to include in my shop.

Our weather has been pretty typical, maybe a little extra rainy. Our temps for this month range from about 60 to 80 degrees, can’t put away winter clothes yet but have the fan out for those warm days.

I’m thinking of teaching crochet in my home or going to client’s house.  I’m bound and determined to make a success of this endeavor.


Finishing Details

It’s all in the details, that’s what they say.  And it’s true.

I’m elbow deep in details.  I’ve been merrily working on market bags for weeks, the pile of bags grows ever higher until one day I had to admit that I had a problem.  None of these bags was in sell-able condition, they needed the finishing touch.

I have a stitch I like to use as an edging, the reverse single crochet – YouTube has a good video on it.  This stitch gives a nice clean look to edges.  The only problem – and maybe it’s just me – is that it takes forever to do and is hard on the hands.  I know, I know, no one likes a complainer, especially me, I just had to get it off my chest and this is the perfect spot for it.

Sidney’s Sideways Sock CAL

Sidney’s Sideways Sock CAL link

Click on link then go to bottom of CAL page and click on “last” to see newest post.

About Crochet Books

I love books.  I especially love books that tell you how to do stuff; crocheting, sewing, cross-stitch, dare I say knitting.

When I hear about a book, new or old, I check it out on Amazon because chances are that it has been reviewed by others who have purchased it.  I rely on reviewers’ points of view to make my decision.  If the book is really new it probably does not have any reviews yet.

Also, Amazon has an icon above some books that says “look inside” , the author has made a sample of the book available so I can see what it’s like.  A great feature.

And for the cost of the book I go to, plug in the book title and bookbag finds the best price.

Rhapsody in Blue

Blue Shawl

sc, dc, trc shawl

I enjoyed making this shawl, I extended the length of it for my plus-size self!

Welcome All Who Crochet!

My first foray into tunisian lace crochet.